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J.P. Morgan Series Trust
Supplement  dated  February 22, 2000, to the  following  Statement of Additional
Information ("SAI"):

J.P. Morgan California Bond Fund, dated August 2, 1999

The  following  replaces the section under the heading  "Custodian  and Transfer

         The Bank of New York  ("BONY"),  One Wall  Street,  New York,  New York
         10286,  serves as the  Trust's  custodian  and fund  accounting  agent.
         Pursuant to the Custodian and Fund Accounting Agreement with the Trust,
         BONY is  responsible  for  holding  portfolio  securities  and cash and
         maintaining  the books of account and  records of the Fund's  portfolio

         State  Street Bank and Trust  Company  ("State  Street"),  225 Franklin
         Street, Boston, Massachusetts 02110, serves as the Trust's transfer and
         dividend  disbursing  agent. As transfer agent and dividend  disbursing
         agent,  State Street is responsible  for  maintaining  account  records
         detailing  the  ownership  of Fund  shares  and for  crediting  income,
         capital  gains and other  changes  in share  ownership  to  shareholder

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