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We provide full access to over 7 million Securities and Exchange Commission filings, filed by companies and institutions, dating back to 1993. This service is entirely free, we do not charge for access to data or data removal. Our site is available so that you can do your own research. We are not in the business of doing research for you, so we will not reply to research requests.

What are my legal rights regarding data protection ?

Your data protection rights are based on the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 - GDPR. We publish SEC filings in good faith. We will publish free of charge any other document you can provide that may help us display a complete, accurate and fair view of the facts.

Do you remove personal data for both natural persons (individuals) and legal entities (companies, non-governmental organizations, etc) ?

No, we do not remove the data of legal entities. We only remove the individuals' personal data. GDPR guarantees and protects the individual’s fundamental rights and freedoms, especially the right to personal, family and private life, with regard to the processing of personal data. Personal data means any information referring to an identified or identifiable person. An identifiable person is a person that can be identified, directly or indirectly, particularly with reference to an identification number or to one or more specific factors of his physical, physiological, psychological, economic, cultural or social identity.

Can you remove my personal data from the search engines?

Yes. After we validate your request and remove your personal data from, we will instruct the main search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing) to update their index so as to remove your data from their results list. We cannot remove your data from other search engines or from websites out of our control that duplicate our content.

Can you remove my full document ?

No, we will not remove your full document from Inc. Journal or from the search engines. We will remove only your personal data. Your document will remain public on Inc. Journal and search engines.

How can I remove my personal data from Inc. Journal for free ?

If you want us to edit a document free of charge, you should follow this procedure. Please download the Request Form (click here), print it on paper, enter your details in the fields, attach all required documents and send them to our mailing address (4283 Express Lane, Suite 2420-033, Sarasota, Florida 34249, United States). Alternatively, you can scan the papers and send them by email to [email protected].

WARNING: We will not remove the full document, but only your personal data.

The Request Form should contain:

  • The full name for which you are requesting personal data to be removed. If you’re sending a request for someone else, you must have the legal authority to act on their behalf.
  • Power of attorney written authorization, authenticated by a Notary Public (only if you are acting as authorized agent).
  • Your own name, if different from above.
  • Your relationship to the person you represent, if not yourself (for example: “spouse” or “attorney”).
  • Your complete address (in case you want us to reply by regular mail).
  • Contact email address (optional).
  • Your handwritten signature in original. Sign each page individually with a pen. Signature scan & paste is strictly forbidden and may raise suspicions of forgery. All requests with scanned & pasted signatures will be automatically rejected without any notification.
  • Current date (on all pages of the request).
  • A legible copy of any document that verifies your name used in the request. We do not require a government-issued document (ID card, passport, driving license, etc). If you are acting as the authorized agent of another person, you must also provide a copy of a document that verifies the name of the person whom you are authorized to represent. Only name must be visible on the document. You may obscure all other parts, including your photo (if any). We will destroy these documents within a month of closing your removal request case, except as required by law.
  • The exact URL/link of the document. The URL starts with 'http://' and can be taken from your browser bar.
  • Explain, if not clear, why the document is about you (or, if you are submitting the request on behalf of someone else, the person named above).
  • The personal data that you want to be removed from the document.

If your Request Form does not include all these items, your request will be rejected and you will be notified to correct the errors and submit a new Request Form (in this case re-usage in whole or in part of the old Request Form is not allowed). We often receive fraudulent removal requests from people impersonating others or improperly seeking to suppress legal information. To prevent this kind of abuse, we need to verify your identity. We will use this information solely to help us authenticate your request.

By signing the Request Form, you certify that you have read and understood all items and declarations, that your information is true and accurate, and that you are the person affected by the web page identified or you are authorized by that person to submit the request. You also agree that we may forward your Request Form, and any accompanying documents, to the Data Protection Authority.

You should choose the preferred communication method for all future correspondence from Inc. Journal. If you opt for e-mail we shall communicate with you only through the e-mail specified at item no.6. If you opt for physical address we shall use the information that you enter at item no.5. If you don't make any choice, we shall exclusively use the address that the Request Form was sent from (e-mail or physical address). After posting the Request Form to our physical mailing address, please send us a notification announcing the request to our e-mail.

How fast can you remove my personal data (free of charge)?

After we receive your Request Form at our mailing address or by e-mail, we will remove your personal data from documents on our server in 15 days. If you do not use registered mail or e-mail, we cannot guarantee any deadline for solving your request.

What does 'personal data' mean ?

Personal data means any information that can identify you personally.

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