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6-K Items

1.   RADVision Ltd. Press Release dated October 12, 2000 re Aravox  Technologies
     Integrates RADVision's Enabling Technology to Power its V2oIP Firewall.


                                                                          ITEM 1


For Immediate Release


Karen Gurwitz              David Seligman              Doug Domokos
Dir. Corp. Communications  CFO                         Marketing Communications
RADVision, Inc.            RADVision, Ltd.             Aravox Technologies, Inc.
Tel: 201.529.4300, x305    Tel: 972.3.645.5446         Tel: 651.256.2666
[email protected]     [email protected]  [email protected]
http://www.radvision.com   http://www.radvision.com    www.aravox.com

         Aravox Technologies Integrates RADVision's Enabling Technology
                           to Power its V2oIP Firewall
                        V2OIP ENDPOINT AND GATEWAY USERS

Minneapolis,  MN and Mahwah, NJ, October 12, 2000 -- Aravox  Technologies,  Inc.
and   RADVision   (NASDAQ:RVSN),   the  leading   provider   of   award-winning,
industry-standard   products  and  technology  for  real-time  voice  and  video
communication  over IP,  today  announced  that Aravox has  developed a firewall
control protocol that works with RADVision's  market-leading  H.323  technology.
The  combination of Aravox's  firewall-control  protocol and  RADVision's  H.323
software  enables  manufacturers  to  develop  products  for  security-conscious
clients running V(2)oIP services from their  firewall-secure  IP network domain,
across the Internet, and back into another firewall-secure IP network domain.

"This  partnership  deals with the  critical  issue that  V(2)oIP  endpoint  and
gateway  manufacturers  face today - how to traverse firewalls without breaching
Intranet  security,"  said Dr.  Michelle  Blank,  VP of Galactic  Marketing  for
RADVision.  "By working  together  with Aravox,  we can ensure that our products
work  together  seamlessly  to  provide  an  H.323-based   security  system  for
next-generation networks."

"Working with RADVision is important to us and to the many customers who want to
protect their real-time  networks," said Craig Warren, VP of Marketing,  Aravox.
"Through  this  integration,  we are  demonstrating  our  commitment to emerging
standards and the rapid acceptance of these new, combined capabilities. Our goal
is to  become  an  integral  part of the IP  infrastructure  required  to  offer
carrier-class services on real-time networks."

The unique technology that Aravox integrates with the RADVision H.323 technology
into its security  products  enhances  the way V(2)oIP  traffic  types  traverse
firewalls, protecting the overall delivery of internet IP services via secure IP
intranets  that  service  providers   provide  for  their  customers.   Aravox's
firewall-control  protocol  has been made  available  to  TIPHON as an  industry



About RADVision's H.323 Enabling Software

RADVision's  H.323 core  protocol  enables the creation of  real-time  voice and
video H.323 calls over IP networks. The H.323 software toolkit consists of H.225
RAS, RTP/RTCP, and Q.931 Call Signaling.  RADVision also offers optional modules
for H.235 Security  features as well as H.450  Supplemental  Services for a more
robust  solution.  Designed  to be platform  independent,  the  RADVision  H.323
protocol toolkit is available for numerous  operating  systems including various
UNIX versions, real-time OSs for embedded systems, as well as Windows, including
Windows NT and Win CE.

About Aravox Technologies, Inc.

Aravox builds network security  systems that provide enhanced policy  management
for real-time networks being deployed by  next-generation  service providers and
large enterprises. Aravox products work with data, video, and voice applications
to enable service delivery, prevent disruptions and maintain availability. Based
in Minneapolis,  Minnesota,  Aravox news and company information can be found at

About RADVision

RADVision is a leading provider of products and technology that enable real-time
voice,  video,  and data  communications  over packet  networks,  including  the
Internet and other  networks based on the Internet  protocol or IP.  RADVision's
products and technology are used by RADVision  customers to develop systems that
enable  enterprises and service providers to use next generation packet networks
for  real-time  IP  communications.   RADVision  is  actively  involved  in  the
development of the industry  standards that are driving the emergence and growth
of the  use of  packet  networks  for  real-time  communications,  and  was  the
first-to-market  with  enabling  technology  and the  products  required for the
transmission  of  real-time  voice,  video and data over packet  networks.  As a
result,  RADVision  is well  positioned  to lead the market  with  products  and
technology that enable  enterprises and service providers to migrate their voice
and video communications from traditional  telephone networks to next generation
packet networks.  The company's products and technology include  standards-based
gateways,  conferencing  bridges,  gatekeepers and software  toolkits.  For more
information, please visit our website at: www.radvision.com.

This press release contains forward-looking statements that are subject to risks
and uncertainties.  Factors that could cause actual results to differ materially
from these  forward-looking  statements include, but are not limited to, general
business conditions in the industry,  changes in demand for products, the timing
and amount or  cancellation of orders and other risks detailed from time to time
in RADVision's  filings with the Securities and Exchange  Commission,  including
RADVision's Form F-1 registration statement.

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                                                  RADVISION LTD.

                                                   By   /s/David Seligman

                                                       David Seligman
                                                       Chief Financial Officer

Dated: October 13, 2000

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