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                                  PRESS RELEASE

            Pro Forma Combined EBITDA Improves 42% From Prior Quarter
           eCommerce Service Revenues Increase 128% From Prior Quarter

LOS ANGELES,  CALIFORNIA - October 23, 2000 - Styleclick, Inc. (Nasdaq: IBUY), a
provider of e-commerce services and technologies, today reported results for the
third quarter 2000.

Pro forma  Combined  Results
The following pro forma combined  results for the third quarter ended  September
30, 2000 assume that the merger of  Inc. and  Internet  Shopping
Network LLC (ISN), a division of USA Networks,  Inc. (Nasdaq: USAI), occurred at
the beginning of the periods presented.

Pro forma combined sales for the third quarter 2000 were $5,291,000  compared to
$6,285,000  in the second  quarter  2000.  This  decrease was primarily due to a
shift in the Company's business focus away from business-to-consumer  activities
as well as a de-emphasis on the promotion of in preparation of
a planned re-positioning of  scheduled for fourth quarter 2000.
The  decrease in sales was  partially  off-set by an  increase in revenues  from
eCommerce services of 128% to $910,000 from $399,000 in the prior quarter.

Pro forma  combined  gross  margins  increased to 18% or $956,000  compared to a
negative  margin of 3.2% or  ($200,000)  in the prior  quarter as a result of an
increase in revenues from  e-commerce  services that are associated  with higher
gross margins  during the third quarter and an inventory  write-down of $900,000
in the second quarter.

Excluding the  amortization of merger related goodwill of $14,210,000 in each of
the second and third quarters,  pro forma combined  operating expenses decreased
33% to  $11,158,000  from  $16,532,000  in the second  quarter.  The decrease in
expenses was primarily due to reduced  third quarter costs  associated  with the
recent merger and  efficiencies  resulting from the merger,  including a reduced

The pro forma combined net loss, including merger related goodwill for the third
quarter decreased to $24,544,000 from $31,053,000 in the prior quarter.  The pro
forma  combined  EBITDA  (earnings  before  interest,  taxes,  depreciation  and
amortization)  loss,  excluding  goodwill,  improved by 42% to  $8,734,000  from
$15,150,000 in the prior quarter.

The  Company  ended the quarter  with a cash  position  of  approximately  $27.3

"This is the first quarter that we have reported as a merged  company and we are
beginning to realize efficiencies from combining the two companies. We expect to
continue to realize these  efficiencies  through  strict cost controls  combined
with a scalable  business  model," stated  Maurizio  Vecchione,  Chief Executive
Officer of  Styleclick.  "In addition,  we are  confident  that our current cash
position is adequate for executing our business plan at this time."

Results To Be  Reported
Due to the timing of the merger,  the actual results  required to be reported in
the Company's Form 10-Q to be filed with the Securities and Exchange  Commission
for the third quarter  ended  September 30, 2000 will include ISN for the entire
quarter and  Inc. from the date of acquisition.  Results for the
second quarter ended June 30, 2000 contained only the financial  results for ISN
and did not  include  any results  for  Inc.  The results are as

Total sales for the third quarter were $5,147,000 compared to $5,791,000 for the
prior quarter.  Both figures  include  revenues from shipping in accordance with
recent  guidance  issued by the  Emerging  Issues  Task  Force of the  Financial
Accounting  Standards Board. Gross profit of $873,000 was achieved for the third
quarter  compared to a negative  gross profit of $465,000 for the prior quarter,
primarily due to a an inventory write-down of $900,000 relating to the Company's
shift in business focus in the prior quarter.

Operating costs and expenses for the third quarter increased to $19,035,000 from
$10,889,000  for the prior  quarter,  substantially  all of which was due to the
amortization  of $9,473,000  of goodwill  resulting  from the company's  merger.
Excluding  the  amortization  of  goodwill,  operating  costs  decreased  12% to

As a result of the  goodwill  associated  with the merger,  losses for the third
quarter  2000  increased  61% to a net loss of  $18,232,000  or $0.65 per share,
compared with a net loss of $11,353,000 or $0.55 per share in the prior quarter.

The  Company  recently  announced  several  strategic  alliances  including:  an
agreement with About, Inc., the 7th largest Web property.  Styleclick will be an
exclusive  provider of  merchandise,  fulfillment  and customer  care on About's
network of 700 topic sites. Styleclick also announced a Web-based rendering deal
with  international  home furnishings and upholstery firm Barrow  Industries and
Web services  agreements  with fashion  designer Diane von  Furstenberg  and Dr.
Jays, a leading urban sportswear retailer.

About  Styleclick,  Inc.
Styleclick,  Inc. is an enhanced  commerce services provider and a top innovator
of electronic commerce technologies.  Styleclick services include Web design and
development,  strategic  merchandising,  product  distribution,  fulfillment and
customer care. The Company  represents a variety of  entertainment,  publishing,
and   style-related   businesses  across  diverse  consumer  brand  and  product
categories.  A majority-owned  subsidiary of USA Networks,  Inc. (NASDAQ: USAI),
Styleclick  operates as part of USA  Information  and  Services  (USAIS),  which
coordinates  the  efforts  of USAi's  businesses  engaged  in  various  forms of
transactional interactivity.

Conference Call Open To The Public
Executives  from  Styleclick  will hold a  conference  call to discuss its third
quarter financial results today at 4:30 p.m. Eastern.  All members of the public
and the investment community are invited to listen to the call. Those parties in
the United States and Canada interested in listening to the telephone conference
should call toll free 1-800-619-9089 and use pass code IBUY or listen on the Web
at Other international parties should call 1-712-271-0004 and use
the pass code IBUY. Replays of the conference call will begin  approximately one
hour after its  completion  and will run until 5:00 p.m.  Eastern on October 30,
2000.  To hear the replay,  parties in the United  States and Canada should call
toll free 1-800-628-9698.  International parties should call 1-402-220-0240.  An
online replay of the conference call will be available at

Contact Information:
Investor Relations: Gail Laguna, 310-751-2100 [email protected]
Media: Bonnie Poindexter, 310-751-2142 [email protected]
Lisa Germani, 310-751-2182 [email protected]

This news release may contain forward-looking statements about Styleclick,  Inc.
(the "Company"), including statements concerning its future product plans. These
forward-looking    statements   involve   risks   and    uncertainties.    These
forward-looking  statements  are based on the Company's  expectations  as of the
date of this release and the Company  undertakes  no  obligation to update these
statements.  Investors  are cautioned  that such results or events  predicted in
these  statements  may differ  materially  from actual future events or results.
Factors  that could cause  actual  events or results to differ from  anticipated
events or results include the Company's  limited operating  history,  history of
losses and anticipation of continued losses,  potential  volatility of quarterly
operating  results,  and other risks that are contained in Styleclick's  reports
and  documents  filed  from  time to  time  with  the  Securities  and  Exchange

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