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     I, the undersigned  natural ourson of the age of twenty one years or more
     acting as incorporator of a  corporation   under  the  Nevada  Business
     Corporation  Act, adopt the following  Articles of Incorporation  for such

                                   ARTICLE I


            The name of the corporation shall be RAGEN CORPORATION.

                                   ARTICLE II


                 The duration of the corooration is perprtual.

                                  ARTICLE III


        The Purpose or purposes for which this corporation is organized

     (a) To offer general consulting  servicos regarding various areas
including real estate develooment, business development, and real estate

     (b) Any other  business  activities  permissible  under  existing laws that
Management deems  appropriate and for the betterment of the corporation,  and to
do all things  soecified in Nevada Revised  Statutes  78.030 and 78.035,  and to
have and to exercise all powers  conferred by the laws of the State of Nevada,on
corporations  formed  under the laws  oursuant  to which and  under  which  this
corporation  is  formed,  as such  laws are now in  effect  or may at any time
hereafter be amended, and to do any and all acts that natural persons inight or
could do,either alone or in connection with other persons, firms, associations,
or corporations and in any part of the world.

      (c) Nothing  herein  contained  Shall be  construed as giving the
corporation any rights, or privileges not permitted to it by low but the
occurrence in any of the foregoing clause of  this article of any purpose, power
or object prohibited by the laws of the State of Nevada or any other state or
for any district, territory, colony, dooendenev, or foreign country
In which the coroaration may carry on business shall not invalidate
any other purpose, power, or object not so prohibited, by reason of contiguity
or socarent association therewith.

                                   ARTICLE IV


     The apgregate number of shares which this corporation  shall have
authority to issue is twenty five  thousand ( 25,000) shares of 1.00 par value
Stock.  All stock of the  corporation  shall be of the same  class, common,
and shall  have the same rights and preferences.  Fully paid  stock of this
corporation shall not be  liable to any further call or assessment.

                                    ARTICLE V


     These Articles of Incorporation may be Amended by the affirmative vote of
the  majority  of the shares  entitled  to vote on each such amendment.

                                   ARTICLE VI

                               SHAREHOLDER RIGHTS

     The authorized and treasury stock of this Corporation may be issued at such
time, upon such terms and conditions and for such  consideration as the Board of
Directors small determine. Shareholders shall have pre-emotive rights to acquire
unissued  shares  of the  stock of this  corooration  and  cumulative  voting is

                                   ARTICLE VII

                               COMMENCING BUSINESS

     This corporptinn will not commence business until  consideration of a
value of at least One Thousand  Dollars  (1,000.00) has been received for the
issuance of shares.

                                  ARTICLE VIII

                           REGISTERED OFFICE AND AGENT

       The address of this corporations initial registered office and the name
of its original agent at such address let

                              BARBARA J. SKIPWORTH
                           Z546 EAST CHARLESTION BLVD.
                            LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, 89104

                                   ARTICLE IX


     The number of Directors constituting the initial Board of Directors of this
corporation  is c-ne.  The narow and  address  of the  person who is to serve as
director  until  the  first  annual  meeting  of  stockholders,  or until  their
successors are elected and cualified aret

                              PARBARA J. SKIPWORTH
                            2546 EAST CHARLESTON BLVD
                            LAS VAGAS, NEVADA, 89104

      The Board of Directors %hall be limited in number to no less than one, and
no more than nine.

                                    ARTICLE X


         The name and address of each Incorporator is:

                              BARBARA J. SKIPWORTH
                            2546 EAST CHARLESTON BLVD
                            LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, 89104

                                   ARTICLE XI

                                OTHER PROVISIONS

         Common Directors - transaction between Corporations

     No contract or other  transaction  between this corporotion and ore or more
of its directors or any other corporation,  firm, association or entity in which
one of Its directore or officers or have financial interest. shall
be either old or voidable because of such relation or interest, or because such
director or directors are present at he meeting of the Board of Directors.,or a
committee  thereof  which  authorizes,  approves  or ratifies  such  contract or
transaction,  or because his or their votes are counted for such purpose if (a)
the fact of such  relationship or interest is disclosed or known to the Board Of
Directors of the committee which authorizes, approves or ratifies this contract
or transaction buy vote or consents sufficient for the purpose without countinq
the votes or consents of such interested directors or (b) the fact of such
relationship or interest is disclosed or known to the shareholders  entitled to
vote and they authorize, approve or ratifv such contract or  transaction  by
vote written  consent or (C) the contract or  transaction is fair and reasonable
to the corporation.

     Common or interested  directors may be counted in determining  the presents
of a quorum at a meeting of the Board of Directors or  committee  thereof  which
authorize, approves or ratifies such contract or transaction.

DATED this 14 day of August 1987.,

STATE of Utah

COUNTY of Salt Lake

          I hereby certify that on the 14th day of August 1987
personally appeared before me Barbara Skipworth who being by me first duly
sworn, declared that he or she is the person who signed the forgoing
documents as incorporator and that the statements therein contained are true.

DATED this  14th day of August 1987

Susan B Smith
Notary Public
Residing at:

My commission expires:

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