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                                              Rule 497(j)
                                              Reg. No. 33-26152

Pursuant to Rule 497(j) promulgated under the Securities Act of
1933, the Registrant, National Municipal Trust, Discount Series
43 hereby certifies as follows:

1)   the form of prospectus that would have been filed under
     paragraph (b) of Rule 497 does not differ from that con-
     tained in the most recent amendment to the registration
     statement, and

2)   the text of the said amendment to the registration state-   
     ment has been filed electronically.

                                  NATIONAL MUNICIPAL TRUST
                                  DISCOUNT SERIES 43

                                  By:  Prudential Securities

                                       Richard R. Hoffmann       
                                       Richard R. Hoffmann
                                       First Vice President
                                       Authorized Signatory

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Washington, D. C.  20549

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