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Firstar Stellar Growth Equity Fund
Firstar Stellar Relative Value Fund
Firstar Stellar Science & Technology Fund
Firstar Stellar Fund
Firstar Stellar Capital Appreciation Fund
Firstar Stellar International Equity Fund
                                                               November 21, 2000
                          Supplement to the Prospectus
                              dated March 31, 2000

We are pleased to announce that the Firstar Stellar Growth Equity Fund and the
Firstar Stellar Science & Technology Fund have added a co-portfolio manager. Mr.
Donald L. Keller continues to be the lead portfolio manager of the Funds,
however, Mr. Randall Hare has agreed to co-manage the Funds with Mr. Keller.

The prospectus is amended as follows:


Under the subheading "Portfolio Mangers" please add the following paragraph:

         RANDALL HARE, Assistant Vice President of FIRMCO, has been employed by
         FIRMCO or its affiliates in various capacities since 1998. Mr. Hare has
         co-managed the GROWTH EQUITY FUND and the SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY FUND
         since October 2000. Mr. Hare earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree from the
         University of Cincinnati.

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