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                         MFS(R) VARIABLE INSURANCE TRUST

                          MFS(R) EMERGING GROWTH SERIES


The  Emerging  Growth  Series  may invest up to 25% of its net assets in foreign
securities  including Emerging Market Securities.  The section of the prospectus
entitled "Principal Risks" is amended to add the following:

Foreign Markets Risk - Investing in foreign  securities  involves risks relating
to  political,  social  and  economic  developments  abroad,  as well  as  risks
resulting from the differences between the regulations to which U.S. and foreign
issuers and markets are subject:

          o    These risks may include the seizure by the  government of company
               assets,  excessive  taxation,  withholding taxes on dividends and
               interest, limitations on the use or transfer of portfolio assets,
               and political or social instability.

          o    Enforcing  legal  rights  may be  difficult,  costly  and slow in
               foreign  countries,  and there may be special problems  enforcing
               claims against foreign governments.

          o    Foreign  companies may not be subject to accounting  standards or
               governmental  supervision comparable to U.S. companies, and there
               may be less public information about their operations.

          o    Foreign  markets may be less liquid and more  volatile  than U.S.

          o    Foreign  securities often trade in currencies other than the U.S.
               dollar,  and the fund may directly  hold foreign  currencies  and
               purchase and sell foreign  currencies  through  forward  exchange
               contracts.  Changes in  currency  exchange  rates will affect the
               fund's  net asset  value,  the value of  dividends  and  interest
               earned,  and gains and losses realized on the sale of securities.
               An increase in the strength of the U.S.  dollar relative to these
               other  currencies  may cause  the  value of the fund to  decline.
               Certain  foreign  currencies may be  particularly  volatile,  and
               foreign  governments  may  intervene  in  the  currency  markets,
               causing a decline in value or  liquidity  in the  fund's  foreign
               currency  holdings.  By entering  into forward  foreign  currency
               exchange  contracts,  the  fund may be  required  to  forego  the
               benefits of  advantageous  changes in exchange  rates and, in the
               case  of  forward  contracts  entered  into  for the  purpose  of
               increasing  return, the fund may sustain losses which will reduce
               its gross income.  Forward foreign  currency  exchange  contracts
               involve  the risk that the party with  which the fund  enters the
               contract may fail to perform its obligations to the fund.

Emerging Markets Risk - Emerging  markets are generally  defined as countries in
the initial stages of their industrialization cycles with low per capita income.
Investments  in  emerging  markets  securities  involve  all  of  the  risks  of
investments in foreign securities, and also have additional risks:

          o    All  of  the  risks  of  investing  in  foreign   securities  are
               heightened by investing in emerging markets countries.

          o    The markets of emerging markets countries have been more volatile
               than  the  markets  of  developed   countries  with  more  mature
               economies. These markets often have provided significantly higher
               or  lower   rates  of  return   than   developed   markets,   and
               significantly greater risks, to investors.

               The date of this Supplement is December 10, 1999.

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